For Smarter Pockets

New Wallet With A Built-In Bottle Opener

Looking for sleek, lightweight, and convenient? Well, look no further — the Brew Clip bottle opener wallet eliminates the need for unnecessary and unflattering bulk in your pocket. Its smart design makes it a snap to carry up to 5 credit cards and 30 bills or receipts in your front or back pocket.


Great For Pockets

Its thin shape reduces pocket bulk by about 25 percent. Even better, our new money clip bottle opener wallet is so comfortable you’ll barely notice it.



This bottle opener wallet is quite multi-functional as it magically transforms into a bottle-opening wizard during your poker games, picnics, parties, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings.


Stainless Steel

The Brew Clip bottle opener wallet is constructed with a single piece of high-tech looking stainless steel, complete with black nylon for the exterior.


Light Design

Remarkably thin, with some pretty impressive yet sturdy measurements standing at just 3.25″ x 2.0″ — giving you absolute simplicity.

Quality Support

Brew Clip is the most convenient thing to ever handle your cash and pocket essentials. Making it easy to carry both a wallet and bottle opener, wherever life takes you, guaranteed!

Easy To Use

With a Brew Clip bottle opener wallet by your side, you’ll be ready to go, at all times. You’ll also be able to confidently carry your driver’s license, money, and credit cards safely and securely.

take a quick look at the solid features!

Your all-new, stainless steel BrewClip, delivers many advantages:

  •  simplifies your pocket and your life
  •  DURABLE and WEARABLE, anywhere, anytime
  •  has a slim, sleek profile that will easily fit
  •  allows QUICKER access to your money
  •  secures all types of cards
  •  opens bottles in the most EFFICIENT way possible
  •  fun, exciting and great for conversations

frequently asked questions

What size is the bottle opener wallet?

Measurements stand at around 3.25” x 2.0” — making it very nice and compact. All you have to do is retract the bottle opener with your thumb after using it (in order to get it back to that original size). This bad boy is so thin you hardly feel it tucked in your pocket. No more fat, uncomfortable leather wallets that crack and fade fast with age.

Should it replace my existing wallet?

If you want lower-back pain, an awkward looking fashion style, and high-priced wallets that wear out in less than a couple months, then our new product may not be the right purchase. But, if you want good quality, solid material, and less risk of accidents and injuries, you’ll like the Brew Clip just fine. Especially if you’re looking to replace your current piece with something lightweight, user friendly, and portable–that offers something more; like a bottle opener wallet. They’re affordable, they’re worth every penny, and they last a lifetime. You can get one — or three. And why would anybody want three of these if they last a lifetime? Because you’ve got three friends that’s why. The holidays are coming up and birthdays are around every corner. You not only save a lot of money, but you save a lot of time looking for gifts, as well. We currently have thousands of happy and cool Brew Clip customers in over 25 countries worldwide. So, hurry up and get yours today!

Does it really reduce pocket bulk?

Yup, it’s a money clip that carries more than just money, and a bottle opener that’s more than just a bottle opener. It’s for the distinguished beer drinker! And makes the perfect gift for yourself, friend, or loved one. What excuse do you make when asked for a bottle opener — and you haven’t got one? If you’re okay with a smarter and easier replacement (that your friends will all be impressed by), then we’ll work hard to give you exactly what you need; an awesome bottle opener wallet. No bulk, no keychain, no worries.

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  • New bottle opener wallet
  • Extra support for cards
  • Designed to complement you
  • Reduces your pocket bulk
  • Smarter wallet replacement
  • Perfect gift
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